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Alexandrite: The June Gem


Green in sunlight. Red in lamplight. Color-changing alexandrite is nature’s magic trick.

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Alexandrite is a very rare and highly valuable gemstone, and until recently was extremely difficult to obtain due to its rarity. The only other color changing gemstones are Color-change Garnet and Color-change Sapphire. Alexandrite is softer than Sapphire and harder then Garnet.

However, new sources in Brazil and Tanzania have made this gemstone available and more mainstream on the gemstone market. Alexandrite was first discovered in Russia in the early 1800's. Named in honor of Alexandar Nicholavich (Russian Czar Alexander II).

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Wulfenite: Not made of wolves...

The type locality of Wulfenite, known for producing thin orange octagonal-shaped crystals, is Bleiberg, Carinthia, Austria. A short distance across the border, in Slovenia, a similar occurrence exists at the mines in Mežica. Brilliant thin plates of Wulfenite of exceptional quality come from a relatively new deposit in China at the Jianshan Mine, Ruoqiang, Xinjiang Province.

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