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Information Technology Tools in Libraries

Explore tools that are being used in libraries today by clicking the tabs above. See below and to the right for other resources of interest on this topic.

Website Resources

Info tech tools are common in libraries. Patrons are becoming more and more digitally literate and dependent by the day, so it is important to stay current to digital trends. To keep abreast of developments, consider bookmarking the ITAL: Information Technology and Libraries journal website. You may also find it useful to reference the website of LITA: The Library and Information Technology Association, which is a division of the American Library Association.

Blog Resources

Two bloggers who discuss information technology and libraries are Peter Murray and K.G. Schneider. Murray focuses exclusively on technology on his blog: Disruptive Library Technology Jester. Schneider discusses various topics relevant to librarianship, and these include information technology. Her blog is The Free Range Librarian.